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As much as I love business, I like to learn about a diversity of things and what you’ll find here is mostly just what’s on my mind. Stories that I have, things I’ve been up to lately, and of course, what I’m learning about.

Want $100,000/mo of Free Google Ads For Your Non-Profit?

A friend of mine runs a marketing agency with a very interesting offer. Instead of paying for your ads, he helps you apply for grants with Google. His inside track allows you to get up to ten $10K/mo grants from Google for a total of $100K of free Google Ad Spend per month.

With $100K worth of traffic on your website every month, most businesses are able to generate $10 million per year of revenue. But it takes some strategy and optimization, so once your grants get approved, you pay his team a cut of the money that you make on the back end to manage and optimize your marketing campaign.

As you can imagine, this is a very closely guarded contact of mine and he is ALWAYS inundated with calls, so he's a hard man to reach, but if you qualify for his program, then I'd be happy to introduce you in order to support your mission.

Here's what you need in order to qualify:

  1. You must have an organization with a higher purpose. You could even have a for-profit company, but I refuse to work with just anyone. I'm doing this to support people who make the world a better place.

  2. You must be ready and able to make a purchasing decision, which includes having the financial resources to pay $20K up front per grant. Each grant gives you $10K/mo of free ad spend, so it pays for itself in 2 months. You can start with 1 grant if you'd like, then ramp up to 10 grants if it makes sense for you.

  3. Your organization must have a way to monetize the Ad Spend. Getting ad traffic isn't worth anything if you don't have a way for people to donate to your cause or buy something from you, so you need a strategy to convert traffic into customers or donors.

Here's how I plan to work with them:

I'm starting with 1 grant for $20,000 (with the plan to ramp up once I see that it's working). Once my grant gets approved, I'm planning to use that ad spend to drive traffic towards my business partner Moses' humanitarian safari operation in Uganda.

We will make about $1K for each person who signs up on a trip. My deal with the marketing agency is that I'll split that margin with them 50/50 for managing the ad spend and optimizing the conversion rate of the campaign. I know that once people arrive in Uganda and see the work that we're doing, they will find a way to support us--whether that be a donation of money, or books, digging a well, or an investment in the microfinance business.

This is my current marketing strategy and I felt like this was way too good of a secret to keep to myself. If you think you qualify for the program then email me at and I'll introduce you to my friend.

To your success!

Clark Varin

Co-Founder, Muvule Financing

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