The 4 Elements of A Rock Solid Testimonial

You might think that you can shoot an effective testimonial video by asking your customer “What did you like about working with us?” but that’s not effective at all. If you want to be able to really persuade your customers into buying your product, you need to give them what they're looking for when they're reading reviews and testimonials. Use these four elements as your guideline to shooting your next testimonial video and you'll have customers running to you ready to buy.

Before your can prepare for a testimonial interview, you need to understand the hesitations that testimonials help overcome. The best way to understand these hesitations is by identifying trends among industries that are super sensitive to testimonials and reviews. Four example of these industries include: B2B services, restaurants, travel, and car dealerships.

Now let's identify why testimonials are so important in these industries:

  • B2B Services are most concerned with whether or not you can produce results. They want to hear other businesses talking about how much money you either made them or saved them

  • Restaurants goers want experience. People who browse restaurant reviews typically just want to be assured that this restaurant will reliably provide good food and great service for an overall enjoyable experience.

  • Car Dealerships have high skepticism to overcome. People have a stigma about used car salesmen being sleazy liars. Customers browsing these testimonials are looking for people discussing how they overcame their skepticisms.

  • Travel customers buy into lifelong memories. These customers are looking for testimonials of lasting love for the trip and how they will remember it forever.

What this reveals is that there are four reasons that people look through reviews and testimonials. These four elements are:

  • Results - They want to know that they’re going to get what they pay for.

  • Experience - They want to know that it is going to be fun doing business with you.

  • Past skepticism - They have fears that they want you to address, and

  • Current love for your company - They want to know that they’re going to leave this transaction a happy customer for years to come.

Now don’t go off thinking, “Oh I’m a B2B guy so all I need to do is put together case studies”, because that’s not how it works. Yes, you need to focus especially on results, but you still need to cover all four bases. B2B customers still want to hear that it'll be enjoyable working with the account manager, just like people buying a tour still want to hear about how their skepticisms aren't actually a problem.

What this means is that next time you shoot a video testimonial, you need to take control. Guide the person giving you a testimonial with a list of questions related to each of these four elements and you'll build a rock solid testimonial that touches every base.

Likewise, if you're using screen shots of conversations or case studies, provide lots of examples with a variety of snippets that cover each base so that you don't leave any holes in your social proof section.

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