Tony Robbins' Priming Exercise

I learned this morning routine from Tony Robbins at the Unleash the Power Within conference and I've been doing it ever since. When I do this exercise, my energy levels will go from an 8 or 9 out of 10 to a raging 12/10.

It's a gratitude mediation that brings you into states of love, gratitude, healing, and accomplishment. What's really interesting about this is that your brain is kind of like a battery, what you charge into it in the morning affects what comes out of you all day long.

This was proven in a breakthrough psychological experiment where some people were asked to ride in an elevator holding a cold cup of coffee and others held a warm cup of coffee. Then a stranger acting neither friendly nor harsh walked in and had a small conversation. Those holding the cold cup of coffee thought that the person they met had a cold, harsh personality, while those with the warm cup of coffee thought the stranger was warm and inviting.

What you pour into your brain, comes back out, and this happens all day long. Start your morning off by charging up your batteries with the emotions that you want to feel. Add this to your morning routine and it'll set you up to have an amazing rest of your day.

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