How To Create A Fanatic Following

If you’re completely lost and don’t know how you want to start making money from your passion, then you should begin by starting a blog, a social media stream, and grow an emailing list. These communication channels will help you start building an audience of potential buyers down the line. It’s easy to build a following of friends that you invite to your page, but it’s another thing to attract strangers and make them your raving fans.

If your goal is to take your business from being a hobby to being a real mass movement of people that love you for what you believe in, then here’s how you take it to the next level.

You Need a Mascot Your company needs a face associated with it that boasts your mission statement. Notice how every single religious following that has stood the test of time has some leader attached to it? Christians have Jesus, Buddhists have the Buddha, Islams have Muhammad, etc. Businesses figured this out and they started to leverage the power of a mascot. Take Subway for example. They killed it with the Jared commercials talking about how Jared lost so much weight while eating Subway. His face was in every Subway restaurant for years until that campaign got old and wore out, but while it was hot, it was HOT! Jared was Subway’s mascot and boasted the “healthy alternative to fast food” mission of Subway. McDonald’s has Ronald McDonald, Frosted Flakes has Tony the Tiger, and the list goes on and on.

Your mascot is the leader that is pushing the mission forward. It can be you, but if it’s you, you better check all the boxes. The longest lasting mascots have an intriguing backstory. Jared was overweight and had been struggling with it his entire life until he found Subway and ate it every day for years. Jesus was living his life sharing the word of God and got crucified for it. What’s your mascots compelling backstory? Provocative Arguments If you want to get your people sharing the word about your business offline, then you’ve got to get them talk—or even better arguing. The king of provocative talk is Donald Trump. The dude would say anything and everything that would polarize the nation. People either hated him or loved him, but his lovers loved him so much that they made sure to cast their vote on voting day (aka. they bought into his product). Hillary probably should have won the election, but she took too much of a neutral stance. She tried to make everyone like her by not saying anything too provocative, but this didn’t create passionate lovers. Her voters were passive and stayed at home (aka. they didn’t buy). One of the best marketers the world has ever seen, Dan Kennedy, does the same thing when he speaks in front of crowds of tens of thousands of people selling his Magnetic Marketing tricks. He says stuff that will purposely piss people off. He talks about how worthless people who aren’t ambitious are. Anyone who isn’t striving for greatness gets totally ticked off. They HATE him! But the entrepreneurs in the crowd LOVE him, because they align with his belief pattern. Can you guess who is core customers are? That’s right: entrepreneurs. When you say something provocative, you’re going to create two polarizing groups. You’re going to create haters and lovers and these haters and lovers will spar it out over who is right. What this does is it gets people talking. It gets people arguing and it moves the conversation from online to offline. Word of mouth is the best way to grow you campaign, so think about how you can stir up your audience and provoke them a bit. Offer Them An Opportunity That’s Bigger Than You The biggest mistake that you could make right off the bat is naming your company after yourself. The harsh reality is people (especially strangers) don’t give a crap about you… but they may care about what you believe in. If you name your company after yourself, you’re not feeding them what they want. What they want is an optimistic future. People want you to help them believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel through whatever it is you’re selling them. You’re reading this right now because you believe that by being creative you can find a way to make some money doing what you love. If you can do that then you’ll be free from having to work at a job you hate for the rest of your life while your true passions fall by the wayside. Once again, look at the cultures that have stood the test of time. The Buddha promises a future of Nirvana. Jesus promises a future of eternal life in heaven. Islams promise 72 virgins in heaven. Note that everything is a future orientation and it’s a big promise. What is your big promise? What is your following working towards achieving by following you? Make it a BIG promise and make it future oriented. Thats the key to keeping people engaged.

These are just three quick lessons on what could be a very long lesson plan. It seems like the world of marketing is never done. There is always more to learn, so pick up a book on how to captivate people and get reading. This is just the first step towards building your passion based empire.

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