How I Plan My Year

Clarity is power, because it focuses our energy in a single direction. That's why for every minute you put into planning, you get 10 minutes out in productivity. So why wouldn't you spend the time necessary to plan your year properly?

If you haven't broken down your long term vision (your BHAG) into milestones and further broken those milestones into projects and to-do's, then do that first.

This tool will help you then organize your strategic goals (milestones) and your tactical goals (projects) into your annual calendar so you can see how everything fits together clearly.

If you do this right, then you should be able to relate what you're doing each and every day to the big picture. You'll have purpose for even the most mundane tasks.

Here's the link to my M.A.P. (aka. Massive Action Planner). In order to use this you must select File > Make a copy and then edit the copy you made.

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