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To Maximize Returns & Impact
Invest In Emerging Markets

Not only can you make higher risk-adjusted returns in Emerging Markets, but in the process, you can help unlock the untapped potential of entrepreneurs who have never before had the resources they need in order to succeed.

We Live In A Unique Time In History...

Emerging Markets are playing catch up as they’re going through their own industrial revolutions--but their growth is faster than anything we’ve ever seen before. They’re skipping steps as they borrow existing technology from the developed world and in some cases, such as fintech, they’re paving the way into the future.


We’re not only living in the most rapid period of economic growth, we’re living during the final frontier as developing nations join the modern era. Once emerging markets begin to mature, the explosive opportunity that we’re seeing today may never happen again.

Why Invest In Emerging Markets?

Ethics, values, and morals aside, what's the business case for investing in developing nations?


An Untapped $5.2 Trillion Market Opportunity

The gap between the supply and demand for capital among MSMEs in Emerging Markets is creating the highest-ROI opportunities in the 21st century.

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Structure Deals With Uneven Risk and Reward

Due to the high demand and low supply of capital, investors have an extraordinary amount of negotiating power in order to structure deals that maximize returns and mitigate losses.

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Reinvest Offshore Tax-Free

Depending on how you structure your investment, you may be able to continue reinvesting your earnings tax-free until you withdraw your capital and bring it back to the country where you claim tax residency.

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Diversify Your Portfolio

Not only can you diversify internationally, but some asset classes such as microloans only exist in Emerging Markets. Microloans, for example, is a class of uncorrelated assets that acts as a hedge against risk during recessions.

Deals I've Syndicated Or Invested In

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice or a solicitation of securities. The following information is for inspirational and entertainment purposes only. The investments described below are historical examples of deals I’ve invested in or syndicated. My investment philosophy is not for everyone. You should seek your own financial advice before making investment decisions.

Financial Inclusion

I started investing in Emerging Markets because I learned how microloans were an effective solution to eradicate poverty. I’m happy to say that as of the time of this writing, my business, Muvule Financing, has successfully helped tens of thousands of people in extreme poverty improve their financial situation via tiny loans averaging $170 USD while maintaining an industry-low default rate--even during a pandemic.

Sustainable Infrastructure

This is the newest sector in my portfolio, yet perhaps the most interesting. The need stems from the fact that the 10 fastest urbanizing cities in the world are in Africa, creating massive returns in the real estate and land markets. I hope that as these cities develop, they turn into beautiful, green, environmentally friendly cities, not polluted streets lined by concrete boxes.


Ecotourism has the potential to preserve endangered cultures and eco-systems by aligning the goals of capitalism, environmentalism, and cultural diversity. By working on projects such as this eco-wellness community in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, I believe we can preserve pockets of joy to share with future generations.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Ways To Invest In Emerging Markets

Invest In My Deals

My current investment opportunities are not posted publicly (in order to comply with SEC laws). If you’d like to join my investor emailing list to keep up with existing opportunities, then you can contact me to see if you qualify.


Hire An Investment Advisor

I have a network of trusted investment advisors who may be able to help you find deals, perform due diligence, manage your investments, and represent you locally. To find out if my advisors can help, contact me with details about what you’re looking for.

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Syndicate Your Own Deals

I spent over a year interviewing some of the best emerging markets entrepreneurs, bankers, investment officers, portfolio managers, risk & compliance officers, and international lawyers. Then I compiled everything I learned and turned it into an online course. To purchase access to the course, contact me. 

Let's Talk

According to federal law, we have to have a preliminary conversation before I can share any investment information with you.

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