Bridging The Gap Between The
Developed And Developing Worlds

My Mission
"To create the world that I want my kids to grow up in--a place of economic opportunity, cultural diversity, and harmony with nature."
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My Life As An

I have failed many times--far more times than I’ve succeeded. Yet, after each failure, I’ve reflected, pivoted, innovated, and pulled together whatever resources I had at the time to keep moving on.


Years later, upon reflecting upon my failures, I’ve realized they’ve all come full circle in an unforeseeable fashion to lead me to where I am today: An international entrepreneur, flying around the world, pitching multi-million dollar deals, networking with billionaires, and strategizing a path towards global financial inclusion--a hopeful solution to reinvent banking and end poverty.


I don’t claim to have it all figured out, but I have learned from all my past failures, and I have some fun stories to share, so whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for advice, an investor trying to decide where to put your money, or you’re simply just interested in the life of an international money-raiser, I welcome you to follow along and learn with me as I attempt to understand business in the 21st Century.

Clark Varin in Azulik Hotel Tulum
Clark Varin teaching in Uganda
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How Can I Help You?

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I’m talking money. Money is the universal resource. It’s like a stem-cell: you can turn it into whatever you need, whether that be the right people, equipment, etc. If you’re a good fit for my portfolio, I might be able to help you raise the money you need to grow your business.

Gear Wheels


The more I learn, the clearer my path forward gets, the bigger I’m able to dream, the more aspirational my goals become. Some of this knowledge I share for free, some of it (the actionable stuff) I require an access fee--because you’ll only apply it if you actually pay for it.

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Inspiration is different from motivation. Unlike motivation, inspiration is an “ah-hah'' moment caused by a new idea or experience that can change the way you perceive reality. Travel has been my biggest source of inspiration. It’s forced me to think bigger; whether or not you choose to act on it (motivation) is up to you.

My Portfolio

My investment philosophy is driven by one simple question,

“How can I make the most money in pursuit of my life mission?”

Clark Varin with Muvule Financing Team
Financial Inclusion

I don’t believe in handouts, but I do believe everyone should have the opportunity to work hard and earn their way to a better life. I give people the opportunity to escape poverty and I make a healthy profit doing it.

Sustainable Infrastructure

The 15 fastest urbanizing cities in the world are all in Africa, making it the world’s most profitable real estate market. Done right, these cities can incorporate, not destroy the surrounding natural environment.

Real Estate Development in Uganda

Tourism leads to international trade and wealth distribution. It also makes it profitable to preserve cultural diversity and our natural environment--something no other industry has yet to figure out.

Eco-Tourism Development in Bocas Del Toro Panama

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