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I'm On A Mission To
Heal Our

My Mission
“To heal our planet by restoring faith to humanity and realigning our resources with God's vision of the New Earth.”
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My Life As An International
Impact Investor


The world we leave behind for future generations will be determined by where we allocate our time, mind, and resources. Money, being our most dynamic resource, is “The Great Incentive”—it turns ideas into action giving it the power to create and destroy. When we let fear and greed decide how we manage our money, it becomes a tool for destruction and leads to inequality, violence, and environmental collapse. But when we operate from a heart-centered place, money becomes our most powerful tool to create the world we want to live in and leave behind for future generations


For this reason, investing is first and foremost a moral decision. The first question should be, “What do you want to create?” because investing is an act of creation. Only after you answer that question should you ask “How do I make this work financially?”. When we reverse the order and follow the pursuit of money first, it leads to the destruction of our planet, because we are not operating with heart-centered guidance. It won’t matter how much money you have if violence breaks out and people begin killing each other over being able to drink a single cup of water. The secret to abundance for yourself and humanity is to allow your heart to guide you and your mind and resources to create.


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“The Fight For My Life: My Journey With Ayahuasca”

Read my personal journals as I fought a life-threatening illness, solved a medical mystery, restored of my faith, and discovered my purpose on this planet during a thrilling 40-day Ayahuasca journey in the Amazon.

“Heal Our Planet: A Spiritual Guide To Investing”

Learn how to design a heart-centered “All-Purpose Portfolio”. Be prepared for the financial crisis, inflation, and a stagflationary world economy by moving your assets into opportunities with real economic growth and real impact.


Heal Our Planet Enterprises

My H.O.P.E. For The Future

Abundance comes to those who give. Thus heart-centered investing creates more abundance in your life–financially and otherwise. After a decade of experience in international business, investing, and study I’ve learned that alternative off-shore investments hold the greatest risk-adjusted returns and the most positive impact on our planet. Especially now that the USA economy is entering a state of decline it's never been more important to diversify into recession-resistant economies that have sound macroeconomic principles that are not driven by consumerism. By putting your money to work in high-growth economies with real needs you will not only protect yourself, but you can also help people escape poverty, protect the environment, provide quality housing, and educate future generations.


HOPE is my personal asset management company and a non-profit impact investment advisory for people who agree with my investment philosophy. I've put my own money into causes that I believe could create a profound impact on global crises' and observed the results. After one of my investments proves to be successful, I build investment vehicles that allow others in my network to co-invest alongside me and scale our healing effect on this planet.


If you’re inspired by my vision for the New Earth and would like to join the movement, you can setup an introductory call with a member of my team.

My Portfolio

A Peek Inside My Businesses and Investments

Muvule Microloans

Everyone should have the opportunity to work hard and earn their way to a better life. Microloans end the cycle of poverty by giving people the opportunity to escape poverty through the gift of employment. Not only are microloans the most humanitarian investment that exists, but it's also one of the biggest investment opportunities with $5.2 trillion of unmet demand for capital.

African Real Estate

By combining microloans and real estate we are able to help market vendors get off the street and into a real store. This helps them further grow their business, while allowing us to diversify our assets into African real estate. The 15 fastest urbanizing cities in the world are all in Africa, offering much higher returns than you can find in developed countries. Our home base, Kampala, Uganda is the fastest growing city in the world.

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The Endaoment

Non-Profits and social enterprises suffer from a constant need to fundraise. I’ve solved this in my own life by investing in a very profitable crypto arbitrage strategy that generates steady, passive income no matter if the market goes up or down. I now offer this solution to other impact investors, non-profits, and social enterprises as a treasury management solution to turn one-time income or donations into recurring income.

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Tai Nuare

Through spiritual healing, it's possible to rapidly change the hearts and minds of world leaders so that they realign their resources with the needs of the New Earth. We're partnering with the highest end eco-resorts in the Carribean and masters of ancient wisdom from all over the world to turn this beautiful island into the highest-end spiritual healing center in the world.

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See The Impact For Yourself!

Travel With Me

Ugandan Investment Safari

April 10-20th, 2023


  • Visit Muvule, my microfinance company, and hear life-changing stories first hand!

  • Meet my business partner and personal hero, Moses.

  • Learn about real estate in Kampala—the fastest urbanizing city in the world.

  • Volunteer and play with children at Moses’ school.

  • End your trip with the safari experience of a life-time!


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