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Healed By Faith

Discover what our ancient ancestors have known about the spiritual nature of our world since the beginning of time on an epic global search for a path to healing chronic pain & illness.

My Mission
“To restore faith to humanity through spiritual education and poverty alleviation.”
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"A Spiritual Guide To Manifesting A Healing Miracle"

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Learn how to cure any chronic pain or illness by healing to the spiritual roots of disease.

My Life As A


For the last 10 years, I've been in the constant pursuit of purpose, passion, and life-style design. I've started multiple companies that have allowed me to travel the world, speak to world leaders, and rub shoulders with the ultra-wealthy. I thought this would be the life of my dreams, but what I ultimately learned was that an incredible life without God is meaningless.


So instead of starting businesses for the purpose of making money, I turned my focus to starting businesses to serve God. My company Muvule Financing serves God by helping the poor eradicate poverty, but my newest dreams are to instill faith in humanity by proving to the medical community that the spiritual world is real.


My Portfolio

A Peek Inside My Businesses and Investments

Muvule Microloans

Everyone should have the opportunity to work hard and earn their way to a better life. Microloans end the cycle of poverty by giving people the opportunity to escape poverty through the gift of employment. Not only are microloans the most humanitarian investment that exists, but it's also one of the biggest investment opportunities with $5.2 trillion of unmet demand for capital.

African Real Estate

By combining microloans and real estate we are able to help market vendors get off the street and into a real store. This helps them further grow their business, while allowing us to diversify our assets into African real estate. The 15 fastest urbanizing cities in the world are all in Africa, offering much higher returns than you can find in developed countries. Our home base, Kampala, Uganda is the fastest growing city in the world.

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Tai Nuare

Through spiritual healing, it's possible to rapidly change the hearts and minds of world leaders so that they realign their resources with the needs of the New Earth. We're partnering with the highest end eco-resorts in the Carribean and masters of ancient wisdom from all over the world to turn this beautiful island into the highest-end spiritual healing center in the world.

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Join Me On A

Mission Trip

Ugandan Investment Safari

  • Visit Muvule, my microfinance company, and hear life-changing stories first hand!

  • Meet my business partner and personal hero, Moses.

  • Learn about real estate in Kampala—the fastest urbanizing city in the world.

  • Volunteer and play with children at Moses’ school.

  • End your trip with the safari experience of a life-time!


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